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by C. Cheree' Wrist Jewelry is here and the Abstract line is for the fun and outgoing!  Many beautiful pieces will be featured within this line.  If you see something you like grab it, because it may not return.  Bringing you a design that comes to mind and then listing it allows for individuality and uniqueness, and there's no worry of seeing your choice everywhere.  That's why limited qty of each piece is a great way to keep uniqueness on lock!  You will see various styles and unique looks with the by C. Cheree' designs and wherever you've got to go, there's a look that this collection can provide. 

The Abstracts variety bracelets feature a traditional s-t-r-e-t-c-h-a-b-l-e string, or a stationary coated stainless steel jewelry cord to support the jewely materials! Giving you better quality options. 

                                             Let us add a little shine to the beautiful YOU!

As always our goal is to provide quality and I put my heart into everything that I do, so that you can always get something great from the by C. Cheree' line, meticulously designed!


*Item colors may slightly differ when you receive it.  This is due to varying unique phone/tablet/computer screen settings.


*bracelet materials: Acrylic/Glass

by C. Cheree' Wrist Jewelry - Abstracts

  • Glass and acrylic beaded bracelets

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