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Lip Sugar Co brings you colorful, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-a-b-l-e, wearable, alpahbet keychains!  Hang on your belt loop, attach it to your purse, wear it on your wrist or remove the keychain (add your keys) and use the stretch band to hold your hair in place. This design features a metal clasp closure that allows you to attach it securely.  And with our alphabet attachments, you can display you initial at all times!


There may only be one or a few of each style.  This keeps your uniqueness on lock!   So get creative, stack them, share them, keep it for yourself ;-).  


*Item colors may slightly differ when you receive it.  This is due to varying unique phone/tablet/computer screen settings.


**Keychain attachment colors are random

Stretchable Keychains w/Alphabets

  • Fun styled wearable chainlink keychains

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