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Now our CareStix are available TINTED!  Not everyone likes heavy color.  These add a touch of color while still providing you the same great benefits.  As a result of many customer reviews, we've kept the this line vegan.  When you apply our Simply CareStix, you will feel the softness of the ingredients that helps with dryness, delivers a nice sheen and now, a little color. 

Our goal for all of our CareStix is to use the least amount of ingredients as possible and completely eliminate uneccesary chemicals.  We've achieved this goal and we love the outcome.  Try us out and let us care for your lips too!


Tint - Chocolate Brown 

Coconut Fragranced


*Store in a cool dry place


Man's TINTED Simply CareStix - Chocolate Brown

  • Ingredients -Ricinus communis (castor oil), theobroma oil (cocoa butter), euphorbia cerifera (candelilia wax), fragrance, color


    *coconut fragrance added, not flavored

    store in a cool, dry place 

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