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Our goal with Man's SIMPLY Care Stix was to add even fewer ingredients than our regular care stix, but still deliver quality that you will love.  When you apply our Simply Care Stix, you will feel the softness of the ingredients that helps dryness and delivers a high shine.  Use alone or on top of lip color to refresh it when dry. 

Our goal for all of our Care Stix is to use the least amount of ingredients as possible and completely eliminate uneccesary chemicals.  We achieved this goal with "Simply Unscented"  which contains only 2 ingredients, Petroleum Jelly and Raw Honey, that's it!  We care about what we put on our lips and now you can let us care for yours too!


*6 months shelf life 

*Store in a cool dry place


Man's Simply Care Stix - Unscented

SKU: 225
  • Ingredients - petroleum jelly, raw honey


    *6 month shelf life

    Store in cool, dry place

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