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THELip Sugar Co

is a black owned small business that had a start-up idea of encouraging individuals with a daily "sweet note" (thus the Lip Sugar name), because we all need to be uplifted!  However, we felt we could build a business rooted in care, by creating products that have natural ingredients and nothing unnecessary in them, so you can look and feel good about using and wearing them.  The other great thing about Lip Sugar Co. is that it allows my children and myself to work together!  Although we have different ideas, we can keep our individual creative uniqueness and display it on our site in harmony.  We want to remain true to our original agenda, this is why some of our products will carry a "sweet note" on them to remind you to stay encouraged. 
We offer a various array of items and there is something for everyone.  We at Lip Sugar Co. want you to stay "sweet" and do your best to extend care to others with your words, and let our products help you look good while doing so!
C. Cheree, Jessica & "Man" Smith 

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